180-21 140th Ave., Jamaica, NY 11434

  (O) 718-527-2993 / (C) 646-208-4484


  23 Todd Street, San Fernando. Trinidad

(O) 868-657-1534 / (C) 868-788-6955


 M.B.E          C.S.P.          D.B.E.





OSHA 10/30 hour General Industry and Construction Standards

Incident Investigation, Reporting and Record-Keeping

Behavior Modification

Confined Spaced

Crane and Rigging Safety


Fall Protection


Fire Prevention 


Hazard Communication 


Emergency Evacuation 


Hazard Identification and Control 


Job Safety Analysis (J.S.A.) 


Lockout / Tagout 


New Hire Orientation


Respiratory Protection 


Root Cause Analysis 


Supervisory Safety Leadership 


Risk Assessment


Environmental Awareness